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Dreadlocks Hairstyle To Mermaid Hair

Hairdo is no less important when London Fashion Week fashion show. Startdreadlocks hairstyle hair style Mermaid until terciptakan.

It certainly did not escape from the stylist dressing and seasoned hairdressers on dutybackstage. Skilled hands and their creative ideas to help the success of the fashion show.

Just like in the London Fashion Week is now underway, a number of styles andhaircuts appears to complement the appearance of the models in a fashion-flauntingfashion designers.

Mermaid Hair
In the bridal fashion show courtesy of the designer Julien Macdonald 's, the hair stylistJames Pecis from L'Oreal Paris ' create hairdos which he called as the ' mermaid hair '.

How his model?

Hair combed neatly to the rear using the jel and then there are also braided up along the neck.

To decorate the room vacant in the head, then he snaps the ingredients similar motivewith lace wedding gown. James wore the double tape to them with hairs.

"We want something that is very modern and very different," said Pecis.
Elephant tail

This is the other creations of the ponytail. If the model is generally kunciran ponytailoverlooking the back of the head and left to terburai, on elephant tail kunciran isuniting all the hair over to one side of the head section.

Then kunciran faced forward or to one side of the face. Hair styling team onperformance clothing Bora black ribbon or use some sort of rubber as accessories bymelilitkannya on kunciran hair. Leaving only the tip of the hair remains open.

The Cyber Twist

His model-like hairs on the community of rasta rastafari, namely hair or digelung ordipilin in such a way, this model's hair is also the nickname of model dreadlocks.

Stranded or gelungan hair was then still digelung back to form a sort of cepol in the top of the head.

This kind of hairstyle became the trend of the era of the 90 's.

The models wore the hairstyle fashion performances were Sophia Webster
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