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Enjoy innovative dishes at Akira Back in Jakarta!

Looking for a restaurant in Jakarta which offers Asian dishes is easy. However, not all restaurant provides and creates a sense of innovation that pamper your taste buds. Akira Back Jakarta restaurant and lounge present culinary lovers tasting a conductive innovation sense. The fourth restaurant http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-macaroni-schotel-panggang-yang.html  belonging to celebrity chef Akira Back is ready to offer the innovative culinary creations, unique and evocative senses taster.

"Some time ago I had  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-pancake-durian-medan.html a chance to come to Jakarta. I see it has a food scene and a growing culinary world. Thus, there is a need for the presence of an innovative flavours. Indonesia is the country plus more dynamic, so that I feel could be developing here, "said the Chef Akira Back, opening his own restaurant.

Akira Back Jakarta's  http://weddingorganizer.soup.io latest restaurant owned by the chef of the South Korea. He currently has a restaurant called Yellowtail and Kumi, both in Las Vegas, as well as the restaurant's Back Akira India. All four have the hallmark of Chef Akira Back, i.e. the sense of innovation in every cuisine. Combining his passion for adventure, travel, and exploration of the flavour of food, Chef Akira Back often travel to various regions in Japan and Europe. He also honed the ability to cook under acclaimed chefs and proficient in their field. From his experiences, he created a variety of innovation on cereal dishes in its restaurant.

Akira Back Jakarta offers a series of menus based on meat, Japan Korea, plus the taste sensation of innovation. Chef Akira Back was known by its mixing several ingredients to create an indulgent taste guests ' taste buds. Innovative menus in Akira Back Jakarta is a mix of ingredients that are not commonly found elsewhere. One of my favorite foods in Akira Back Jakarta is the Tuna Pizza, thin slices of sashimi tuna which granted the truffle oil, laid out neatly on top of a thin crispy pizza, micro shiso leaves with sprinkles on top.

Another dish that is much liked by Taco taco, the AB by size once NIP, contains pieces of meat marinated kalbi wagyu plus a spicy tomato ponzu. Other unique Menu worth a try is the presence of signature rolls, Pop rockin' sushi roll menu, which contains the spicy crab, asparagus, and Pop Rocks candy lemon flavor. Another favorite Akira Back Jakarta customers was 48 Hour Braised Wagyu Short Ribs for a main course.

Most of the dishes on the menu restaurant Akira Back Jakarta was created with the size to be enjoyed together. However, for guests who want to enjoy the time in private or small group,

Akira Back Jakarta has a lounge area with a bartender who prepared the savory Restaurant serves a variety of lifestyle concept restaurant and lounge also offers guests with warmth through interior design. Interior design Akira Back Jakarta made a modern style but still warm with wooden touches in some parts. Although made of wood and rocks, interior design continues to bring the feel of the sea, which is identical to the Japan food. This can be seen in the living room ceiling that has a wood-like waves. Similarly on the focal areas of the front of the room made of wood like ornaments resembling a time machine, to prepare the guest enters the world of Akira Back.

Akira Back Jakarta has a capacity of up to 122 people (seated) in the restaurant area, as well as an additional five VIP room. Akira Back in Jakarta is open every day from 12.00 until 24.00 PM for restaurant, and until 01.00 P.M. (weekdays)/02.00 pm (weekends) to lounge.

Ladies, don't admit culinary lovers before attempting a series of menus based on meat and the taste of Korea Japan in Akira Back in Jakarta.

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