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Salty Savory Bulung, Alloy seaweed, Boiled Fish and Soy Sprinkles

Visit the beach,
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Denpasar, Attacks may
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not complete it if you 
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haven't yet tasted one of the specialties that exist in these attractions i.e. Bulung.

Seaweed-based food is the favorite food of tourists when they visit.

Seaweed is presented   in the form of intact, only boiled briefly and smothered with gravy http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-soto-ayam-bening.html
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kemudiam pindang (boiled fish gravy). And then on top of it sprinkled with soy.

"This is the first try. A bit weird anyway. Salty salty-savoury taste. Kinda spicy too "said Novan Arianto's http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-semur-daging-sapi-yang-paling-enak.html  son, a visitor who was enjoying in Turtle Corservation and Education Center, an attack.

"The material can be from here only" http://weddingorganizer.soup.io  Ketut Bulung, seller's Prompting.

Prompt claims to many tourists who did not know Bulung, when they pay a visit to the beach or to Attack the turtles Conservation.

"So if a guest favorite over here" he said and smiled. For the price of one of these portions, Bulung valued Rp 5 thousand.
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