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Tongseng Kambing Spicy Recipes

Still have leftover sacrificial goat meat? What if made tongseng? Tongseng usually http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/  eat live buy, an occasional Cook yourself is definitely exciting.


400 gr mutton
2 pieces of bay leaf
2 cm galangal, memarkan
500 ml coconut milk
150 gr of cabbage, cut into wedges
2 leeks, cut into pieces of 2 cm
1 tomato, cut into http://weddingorganizer.soup.io wedges
20 Red cayenne pepper fruit
5 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
4 tablespoons oil for sautéing
Salt and granulated sugar to taste
Subtle seasoning:
3 cloves garlic
4 grains of red onion
4 grains of pepper
3 roasted pecans, grains
1 cm turmeric, roasted
2 cm ginger
1 teaspoon coriander

1. heat oil, Saute seasoning smooth and red onion until fragrant. Add the bay leaf and galangal, enter the goat meat, Cook until it changes color.
2. pour coconut milk, Cook until boiling. Add salt, granulated sugar, and sweet soy sauce. Mix well  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-risoles-yang-mudah-dan-enak.html and the meat until it is cooked.
3. stir in cabbage, leek, tomato, cayenne pepper, and mix well. Remove and serve.
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