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August 27 2014


Six Different Celebrity Couples Religion Divorce

Live the household with different beliefs are indeed not easy. Although much  successuntil the end of life, not the least of which ran aground in the middle of theroad.Conditions that many experienced celebrity Homeland.

Indonesia has undergone a few celebrity weddings different beliefs, call Glenn Fredlywith Dewi Sandra, Katon Bagaskara with Ira Wibowo, Mike Lewis and TamaraBleszynsky, Deddy Corbuzier and Kalina, Cornelia Agatha Lawlani and Sony, as well asLydia Kandou and Jamal Mirdad.

After three years of marriage, Glenn and eventually divorced. Many who suspect their divorce due to religious differences. However, there are also regarded as Glenn hadanother dream woman.

Married two years, Mike and Tamara divorced because of the many differences. It was not stated exactly what was the real reason. But the difference of this belief is considered to be one of the cause.

married 17 years, does not mean a household running good. Never gossip on the other slanted also is not necessarily making a relationship lasting. The proof, Roselleand Ira divorced after such a long braid of love. Until now the reason is clear their divorce is unknown, but as is known a lot of people, they are different religions.

The couple recently uncovered his divorce is Earn and Kalina. The two were divorcedearlier this year. Both agreed to end the household because it was no longer to bemaintained.

Cornelia Agatha Sue Sony Lalwani divorced on 29 October 2012. Reportedly, Lia suesfor divorce due to the presence of another dream woman in their household. The divorce process they currently still running.

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